Perspective open URL

Is there a easy way to open a URL in Perspective? I trying to open a file with a button in Perspective, open it in a new tab. script doesn’t seem to work in Perspective.

You’re looking for

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Thanks for the feedback wking, I actually tried that already, that only works for websites ex.:,, etc. What I need is to access a folder, don’t know if there’s a way to do it with perspective.

A folder in the same computer as the browser? If so, no, and won’t ever from a browser. If you think about a website having the ability to open stuff on the client computer, you can imagine the security freak-out that will follow.

Maybe some future possibilities with the mobile app or the workstation version, but don’t hold your breath. Similar security concerns would apply.

Vision has always been able to do this, because it truly runs on the local computer.

What phill said…

Unless you are trying upload a file from the client computer…

you can do that with the file upload component

It will open up a dialog box where the client can select a file… like you normally see on browsers…