Perspective page getting null values, using history tag binding

I created a table of flex containers with labels.
One one of the outer most containers, I created a custom property.

I bound this custom property to a tag history binding.
wide, 1 point count, realtime, 1 fx, min, polling 30 seconds
direct tags, aggregation lastvalue

When I open the page, all values read null.
Sometimes in the designer it does this if I have it open for a while.

I am using 8.1.0.

On the labels, I bind to the custom property.
I make it a pydataset in a script transform. I choose which column/tagpath I want to show the value of.

Did I waste my time? Is there a way to fix this?
Should I make transaction groups that continually overwrites itself every 30 seconds, and make a query of it?