Perspective page or view click tracking?


Is there a way to track the number of clicks on pages or views in Perspective? I’m trying to see if we can track what pages are being used or not used.


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Could create a memory tag for each view, then on the root container for each have an “OnClick” script that increments that value

I presume you’re talking about page/view navigation, not heatmap tracking.
It’s a bit painful, but you could write a library function which accepts the view path as a param and anything else, and logs it into a SQL database table along with datetime, username, client IP, etc.
The painful part being that you would need to make sure to include this on every main View’s startup code (and/or popups)

Alternatively, if you have a navigation bar that’s always shown, you could put a changeValue event handler on a custom prop bound to page.props.primaryView and use that to call the function. That wouldn’t be too bad for main Views

I’ve never tried it but on the session props
There is this lastActivity property.
You could put an onchange script there and call the system.perspective.getSessionInfo to get the active pages/pageId’s
I think, no idea how accurate the property is.
It will proabbly also get wrong info since you can only get ALL open pages so if they use multiple tabs it will count things more…

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