Perspective Panels Not Visible

I have been using Perspective designer without issue on my laptop’s main screen. Today I launched a new project while the designer was on my second monitor. I was unable to display the panels “Perspective Components” and “Perspective Property Editor” (see image). I did the following to attempt a fix:

  1. Select “Reset Panels”
  2. Move the designer to my main monitor
  3. Restart the designer
  4. Restart the computer and start the designer on my main screen
  5. Checked that my Gateway trial time hadn’t expired

These steps made no change, it’s almost like they’re off the “screen” of the designer, but I can’t get to them. This theory is also validated by the fact that the only these 2 panels (which were in use when I switched monitors) are affected - I can load the rest of the them fine. Is there a way to get to these panels and close them without interaction from a mouse?

Thanks in advance.

Close the designer, go to %USERPROFILE%/.ignition/, and delete the windows.layout (or just all the .layout) file(s), then restart the designer. All panels should be reset to their ‘default’ position.

I cleared out all .layout files (there was no windows.layout file) and restarted my laptop. No change, unfortunately.

Any other suggestions besides reinstalling Ignition?

Well, I wouldn’t expect reinstalling to do much - the designer’s layout should be entirely contained within those panels. You could try temporarily disabling the laptop’s primary monitor, relaunching the designer (so Java “knows” you only have one monitor) then ‘reset panels’ again to force everything onto that panel. Saving the project after that point should update the .layout files and force that to be your saved configuration, theoretically.

I did that, with no luck. The only layout file in the folder after running the designer and selecting ‘Reset Panels’ is ‘named-query-workspace.layout’. Do you have a copy of the windows.layout file that I could place in this folder?

If I end up having to just reset everything to get back to a working environment, what pieces should I have to uninstall, then reinstall?

Wait, if you’re only getting the named-query-workspace file, then the designer isn’t seeing you in the Perspective workspace, which would explain why you can’t see those panels. If you open a Perspective resource, can you then reset panels and see the missing editors?

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Yup, that did the trick. The panels are visible when I’m in the Perspective workspace, but not when I’m in the Named Queries workspace. Is this expected behavior? It’s misleading to be able to select panels from the View menu, but not have them show up.

Thanks for the help!

“Expected” behavior, yes - from what I remember, it’s non-trivial to sort out which panels are “expected” in a given workspace from the reset panels context menu, but that’s a pretty weak explanation; we probably could do better.