Perspective Panels - Property Inspector

Ignition 8.1.2

I'm trying to run some tests using an XY chart, but everything I've run across points to using the Property Inspector panel. When I click it nothing comes up on screen.

  1. Tried to close all other panels
  2. Moved all panels around.
  3. visited %userprofile%.ignition and deleted all .layout files. (on restart of the designer the only one that has been rebuilt includes 'perspective-workspace.layout'
  4. have selected / deselected the xy chart (which is reflected in the Perspective Property Editor)
  5. Created a blank report. Property Inspector panel is visible, but goes away when I select the view.

I don't understand what you're looking for. You're in Perspective, and the Perspective Property Editor is visible in your screenshot.

I was looking for the property inspector. After looking closer at the reference it looks like it has to be added under 'Reports' for the Property Inspector to be visible. If added to the main view it only shows the Property Editor.

Reports are fundamentally separate from GUIs. Only the parameters in the report's data panel are presented to a GUI (so the GUI can provide them, not read them).

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I'm confused what your issue is and what you're actually trying to do?

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If your research is pointing to the "Property Inspector", then your research is directing you toward the Reports section of the Designer. The Property Inspector is only available while directly editing a report; the moment you enter the Perspective section of the Designer, the panels will re-render based on the Perspective context so that you only see panels relevant to Perspective.

For anyone here to be able to help you with regard to the XY Chart, you would need to specify what it is you are trying to test.

The biggest question I had was regarding the "Property Inspector".
The project: Using a numeric entry field, by way of script, to insert a row into a database. Then using a chart to view the historical data / progress over time. Nothing crucial, but experimenting with the charts.

Since my initial post, I've added the time series chart instead of the XY, used an order by clause to return the time stamp along with the previously entered data. Everything seems to be working correctly. Mainly, I thought I was missing something as the "property inspector" seemed to offer more of a visual representation of the graphing options. (at the time I didn't realize the property inspector was restricted to reporting since a chart can be added to reporting or a perspective view).