Perspective parameter URL causes issues with other static URLs


I previously had a handful of static URLs configured for Perspective. For example, something like /ProductionArea, /Home, /Reports, etc. I added my first parameter URL using /:ProductionLine, with the input parameter on the primary view. It worked great. However, all my static URLs were then all pointing to the primary view of the parameter URL, using the default parameter of that view.

It looked something like this in the designer (not real pages):

  • / -> Nav/Home
  • /Home -> Nav/Home
  • /:ProductionLine -> ProductionLineView
  • /ProductionArea -> ProductionAreaView
  • /Reports -> Reports

All the other URLs now loaded to ProductionLineView. I tried a couple things, and found changing /Reports to /Reports/Test now worked for the Reports page. To quickly fix the main issue, I changed the URL for the parameter page to /PL/:ProductionLine, and now all my static pages work again.

My situation was very similar to the screenshot in the documentation. In that screenshot, based on my experience, I would expect all the other static URLs to open up the Towers view. (Pages in Perspective - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation)

Is this expected behavior?


I'm pretty sure the manual page is just a bad example.

The order of handlers is important. So if you want a 'static' page to match before a parameter page, then you need to put the static page 'first' - higher in the order. That's why they're rearrangable.

Ok thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. I don't have the arrows to rearrange my pages, but I see them in a screenshot in the documentation. I am on version 8.1.18 (Perspective 2.1.18). Am I missing a configuration setting or do I need to be on a newer version?

Okay, guess I'm totally wrong. This is what I get for answering Perspective questions.

The ordering was cosmetic only in the first place and removed before the first public release of Perspective, so those are some crusty screenshots. I don't really know how Perspective handles precedence, and since I don't want to give you (more) bad info, I'm just going to stop trying to answer :slight_smile:

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