Perspective params - problems when deleting/renaming

I renamed a few parameters in a view which is being embedded elsewhere, and now I’m having all sorts of problems… Parameters are not letting me delete them, automatically changing values, and showing a value different than the value retrieved via bindings.

When attempting to use bi-directional params, the binding icons even started showing up in the value entry:

Here’s a list of the params as synced by my embedded view:

And here are the actual params inside of the view being embedded:

Can anyone explain what is happening with the view params? I just installed the nightly 8.11.11 (sept 18) build to see if it would be of any help. I’ve tried recreating the view(s) using different names, modifying the view’s JSON file (which seemed to help for a minute…), but nothing works and I just can’t seem to get these ‘ghost parameters’ to go away.


I believe this all started when attempting to use an object with two values as a parameter…

timeRange [2]
     start: dateArithmatic(now(), -1 * {minutes}, 'minutes')
     end: now()

Is this not supported?