Perspective Parent Session Properties to Child


I have one parent project which is being inherited by 5-10 projects.
So I want to add locale selector which I did in Parent project’s header (this is used by all child)

However when I change locale from the header, nothing happens.
I’m guessing it must be changing locale but only of parent and not child.

Please suggest a way

Are you setting the locale in a session.custom prop?

I have my parent project set the property (bi-directional so the user can also change it) and the children reference the session.custom prop.

Oh no so the locale is already available in the session.prop so I didn’t add custom property for this

What do you expect to happen?

Assuming the value of the locale selection dropdown is bi-directionally bound to the session locale property, swapping the session locale doesn't do anything to the session at large unless you have translations in place for the new locale.

Additionally, make sure the locale values are supported.

Thanks it’s working now!

Apparently I was using ES as locale code instead of es-ES.

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