Perspective: Passing in an object structure/json into page url param

Is it possible to pass in an object/json structure into a page url param? E.g. say I had this object property:
Can I pass in rowData into the url param?

Note: I’m not saying I have a use-case for this at the moment, but just wondering in case i find one.

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Unfortunately it’s not possible without some effort

All perspective sees in your URL is one big long string parameter, however you can use url encoding in a string parameter and reverse engineer it into a dictionary with a transform.

/param1=123&param2=abc&param3=41v could be split into an array based off of the ampersand, and then broken apart into keys from there.

This is how I do it currently, unfortunately, I just keep a function in my inheritable project to cover this in any projects I need it for