Perspective PDF Viewer component "Failed to load PDF File"


I’m trying to load report in perspective using webdev module and PDF viewer as attached. But I receive error as “Failed to load PDF File”.

May I know is there are any other prerequisites?

Consider breaking your single-line execute and return code for the report into separate lines, and place them in a try-except block. Log any exceptions and unconditionally log how many pdf bytes you are getting. Proving that the report is executing properly is the first thing I’d verify.

(The logging will come out in the gateway’s status pages.)

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@pturmel Thanks for prompt response. Its working now. I didnt notice that the webdev is runnning on trial mode. When I reset trial it worked today. sorry for that!

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However I’m waiting for perspective report viewer 8.0.9 to be stable for me to upgrade. Or is it recommended to upgrade live projects to nightly build? Would there be an issue?

Nightly builds are definitely not recommended for production use. Nor release candidates. If the live project is not critical to production, then it is up to you.

I’ve had experiences where the PDF viewer doesn’t load my PDF consistently. I haven’t done any significant projects in versions past 8.05 yet so I don’t know if it was fixed in future versions.

I agree with pturmel. It’s not a good idea to use pre-release builds in production environments. If you do it; I would strongly recommend you keep backups from before you did the upgrade and understand you could have pretty bad surprises and downtime as you roll back to previous version.

Sure. Will wait for 8.0.9 to be stable! Thanks.

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