Perspective PDF Viewer fails to load file in production

i have a perspective pdf viewer that dynamically loads files from a "Web Dev" shared folder.

I can tell the shared folder is working cause i can dynamically load pics from the same source into an Image object.

In the ignition designer i can see pdf files in the viewer with no issues, but when i try to get the same in production i get the message "Failed to load PDF file".

Where can i get some more infos about the load error? It doesn't give me any error code/message about this (also sound strange it works in design and not in production with the same file and parmeters).

Anyone had the same issue?


TLDR: client antivirus was blocking pdf file http path, check antivirus config.

Opening chrome dev tools i've found out it was an HTTP 403 error to the pdf file.
For each pic or pdf dynamically loaded, there is a direct HTTP GET from the client itself.

The issue was caused by the client's antivirus software (web protection module) blocing for some reason all requests to pdf files.

Changing AV configuration on client side solved the issue, so definetly was not an Ignition Perspective problem.