Perspective PDF Viewer Fit Mode/Zoom

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the Perspective PDF Viewer, but somehow the page don’t resize.

Are there any properties that I’m missing? I tried to add “fit” and “pageFitMode”.

The source path that I’m using is “/main/Files/Documents/xxxxx.pdf” from “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\webserver\webapps\main\Files\Documents”.

Ignition version: 8.0.15


Hello everyone!

Is there anything new on this topic?
I have the same problem in version 8.1.15 Ignition…


Idk about the component, but you can use the inline frame (to the same source) to use the browsers default pdf viewer.
idk if that works for the app, but for chrome it is pretty good