Perspective PDF Viewer to Display a object stored as Bytes in DB

I feel really frustrated. I have used Travis Cox Exchange Project to Upload my PDF File to a DB. I have a query that will return the scalar of the PDF Bytes. How do I get that to display in a perspective window?

I have searched and apologize if it is explained somewhere else.

You either need to use the WebDev module, or try my Blob Server module beta:

{ You’ll need to tweak your NQ to conform to the required output column names. Possibly also set permissions. }

This looks really good and I was able to get it working in very short order. I wish I could do my development in a 10th time that you can make a whole module. But practice makes the user faster.

Do you know when or if you are going to require a paid license for the module?


I just updated the other topic. I recompiled to make it free, formally.