Perspective PDFViewer

Is there a way in perspective to interact with the zoomFactor like you could in vision?

Here’s my problem: I had a 5 page pdf, but I didn’t like my operators having to interact with page up/down buttons. Outside of ignition, I converted that 5 page pdf into a 1 page pdf that’s essentially 5 pages long. So now, they can just scroll down and view the very long pdf.

Problem is, the client (in Chrome) is running on an older computer, and it’s maxing out the CPU trying to load. The only thing I can think of is that it’s getting angry with the way perspective is constantly automatically adjusting that zoom level, but I’m certainly open to ideas. It’s taking around 45 seconds to load a 5 page pdf.

Additional info: Running Ignition 8.1.9 and the pdf is being delivered to the component via the WebDev module.

Thanks in advance!

Don’t use the PDF viewer. Load the PDF in an iFrame component and let the browser/client decide what viewer to use. The built in viewer to chrome is far superior to the perspective component IMO.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot! Never used that functionality.