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We were exploring the capability of Ignition by building demo application, since we are planning to recommend Ignition as part of our solution to our customers. But what we observed is that the performance of Ignition when we start initially would be good but over a period of time it deteriorates. Hence am concerned about performance while considering Ignition as solution option.

Below are the details of system on which we tried to run the demo application using Ignition perspective and historization using MS SQL server. Any help in resolving the performance issue would help us to move ahead in proposing Ignition to customers.
System 1: Windows 10 OS, 16 GB RAM, i7 processor, 1TB hard disk
System 2: Windows server OS, 16 GB RAM, 4 core processor, 1TB hard disk

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I too have observed similar scenarios that Zulu Platform occupying most of the CPU. The performance has slowed down too much and its getting very frustrating to work. Even system restart, service restart, stopping SQL is not helping. What we are trying to test need Perspective and SQL along with integration to PLC.
Is there no solution at all for this? If so how can we use it in production environment?

Have you reviewed the varying architecture options from the docs? Are you running this all on the same system? MSSQL is a hog of resources, it prob should not be on the same system. There are unlimited configuration and performance options for Ignition based on what you need it to do. You haven’t really detailed out your intended usage which greatly changes how you might setup Ignition.

Also, highly recommend giving Sales Engineering a call at Inductive Automation. They are great and can steer you in the right direction for your application.

Thanks Ryan will look into the different architecture options and also will reach out to Sales Engineering

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