Perspective phone web browser not responding after reopen from screen lock

Not sure whether anyone has encountered the similar issue.

I opened the perspective project from phone, it works fine.

Then the screen locked after 30s inactivity.
Then I unlocked it, the web browser is still there.
But the project starts to show abnormal behaviours.

  1. buttons on the main screens not responding.
  2. trends on the main screens not updating.
  3. the dock view/navigation page start to show different button layout. The buttons were configured as "button 1" to "button 10", now it shows as "button 1, 3, 6" only.

But if I refresh the web page, everything back to normal.

I have received multiple complaints from our operators. Not sure whether it's a software issue, program issue or just the phone platform issue.

iPhone? There have been similar recent topics. You'll probably find disconnect messages in your gateway logs because the phone put the browser to sleep.

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I am using Andriod phone.

I couldn't find the other post about the similar discussion on the forum.

This one:

TL/DR: Make sure your lock/screen and battery saver apps are configured to allow your browser and/or Perspective app to run while locked.

If your phone actually goes to sleep, there's nothing to be done--the connection to the gateway will certainly die.

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In andriod, just disable "power saving", then it works.
Don't know about iphone.

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