Perspective Phone Web Browser

How do you know if the user is using a phone and a web browser to view perspective project?

I have a column container and I need to know if the small view is active.

If they’re using a native app, session.props.device.type.

But know that it’s an antipattern to try to design against a specific device or screen resolution (and an impossibility, anyways; look into CSS pixels, etc). Use breakpoints, and allow your users to determine scaling as they need to - and respect their decisions.

@PGriffith I’m running a perspective project on my Android phone using Chrome. That session property is showing a value of “designer”.

It shouldn’t be that value. How do I prevent it from saying designer when running a perspective session?

That just sounds like a bug. You should contact support.

I’ve actually seen this happen if I have a session open in a browser (Phone or not) as well as a designer session open. If you close the designer session and re-open the web session it should solve it temporarily (Did for me)

But probably still a bug

I have tried that a few times with no luck. I have sent a ticket to support with more background info. I’m seeing this on our production environment which is accessed through a domain name with nginx on the server. This may be a part of why it’s doing that but I’m not sure.