Perspective Pie Chart Question


There is a pie chart and a label in the square box.

I want to center the pie chart and label horizontally.

What should I do?

If you are talking about legend, you can put it on the bottom.


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I know I can put the legend bottom.

but i want the legend to be on the right, but in the middle of the middle.

It's not clear what you are asking for. Edit your screen grab in Paint or similar and post what you are looking for. "Middle of the middle"?


If you look at the attached file, I put 2 red lines

I want the round circle on the left to come in the middle of the two red lines.

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It looks like when you scalling down the pie chart, legend font size and icon size do not scale down.

You can make a piechart element itself a little bit bigger so it will fit correctly, or make legend icon zise and font size smaller.

All right.

thank you for telling me.