Perspective pipe tool draws transparent section at terminations in 8.1.33

I recently updated from 8.1.27 to 8.1.33 and I know there were changes to how the piping tool works inside coordinate containers. They seem to be much more reliable now but a new issue is the pipes are being drawn with a transparent bar at the ends of short splits. Image attached.
Is this a bug? It didn't draw this way in 8.1.27.



Hi Matthew
I checked the 8.1 change logs and did not see anything between 8.1.27 and 8.1.33 germane to piping- though changes with regressions in other areas occasionally happen.

I've also have tried reproducing this locally and have been unsuccessful. Would you mind DM'ing me a copy of your view for further diagnosis?

I don't think I can DM due to the age of my account but if you could initiate the DM I would happily send it over.


Try now; I bumped you up to 'basic' user which should have access.

@Matthew_Long2 , I discovered the issue: the Pipe renderer has trouble rendering short pipes (relative to the pipe's width). This issue has been present since the original release of piping and is unlikely to be fixed before the whole pipe rendering system is overhauled.

A workaround for the example view you sent me would be to set the Pipe width to 10.