Perspective Playback Control not showing values


I was trying to reuse the Historical Playback Control from Ignition Exchange but am not able to view the tag values (both historical and realtime). Below are the steps followed. Could you please let me know where I am missing the link:

  1. I have imported the module at project level and have added in Perspective view.
    2)Configured OPC tag with random values under the tag object of the Playback Control.
  2. Post configuring under tag object its getting reflected under values.
  3. Launched the perspective view. The control is appearing but unable to view realtime data or historical data
  4. Tag used for configuring for playback has been historized.


Attaching image of tags and value object where value is showing null for tag Tower1_temp.
Could you please help me to get this working?

It sounds like your next step would be to drag the Playback Controller onto a view that has some components such as tanks or LED displays. You would then bind the component values to the values exposed under the params section of the embedded Playback Controller.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot Johnson it did help :slight_smile:
I am able to get the values in component and view realtime and historical data.
But the play and pause is not working (i.e., 1X)

It does not work for me.