Perspective popup header color change?

I am currently using Ignition 8.0.7 and trying to figure out how to change the header or top banner on a popup to something other than the white. I have attached a sample below. Any recommendations would be great,


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We don’t provide any options for customizing the appearance of Popups, outside of such settings that would alter the structure of the Popup (title, closeIcon), so changing the background color, text font, or even corner radius is not available at this time.

If you’d like to request access to those properties or others like those, you could open a request on the ideas forum.

I don’t display the title bar on my popups, and instead create my own close button and mouse drag script to handle dragging of the popup around the screen. That way you have full control of how you want to present the titlebar.
Edit: just saw this was perspective. Not sure you can do the same thing as in Vision?

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How do you manage to drag and reposition the popup by using a component in view?
Is its performance good?

This is what I use for vision, no performance issues whatsoever:

Not sure for perspective