Perspective - Popup position issue

I'm on 8.1.36

I have a view with an auto height that I want to open as popup, the event is binded on a button placed in a flexrepeater from bottom to top, I use the navigation event to open the popup on a relative position top-right an the Viewport Bound option is enabled, when my button that trig the event is at bottom of the view the bottom of the popup is out of bound.

What can I do to ensure that all my popup will be visible ?


What I need

When you call system.perspective.openPopup(), include viewportBound=True in the arguments.

Edit: Oooh! I see you have that checked in the action configuration. Maybe that is a bug. Try using a script to open the popup instead.

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scripting doesn't allow to use relative position, if possible I want a relative position from cursor like "Popup" event allow, but with viewport bound protection working correctly.

Sounds like it is time to open a support ticket and report this (likely) bug.