Perspective Popup Question

If I open a popup window (A) that has a button that closes the current pop up and opens another (B)I am seeing the following behavior.

If I drag A somewhere other than center then click button to close A and open B, B opens but it is skewed to be centered wherever I moved A which causes it to be partially visible. How do I allow A to be dragged but B to always open centered on screen independent of position of A?



I have found that if I specify a Top and Left position in the popup open config this corrects this behavior.

I would need to see the configured Event or script to help clarify the behavior you were seeing. I would also need to know what version you’re using.

When I tried this out locally I did not see the behavior you described.

  • Button_0 opens PopupA.

  • PopupA uses all default settings and contains one button which closes PopupA and then opens PopupB as two separate Popup Actions (not a single script execution).

  1. If I click Button0 then I see PopupA.
  2. I then drag PopupA in some direction and click the Button present in PopupA.

PopupA is no longer present, and PopupB has opened in the center of the Page.

Just assign an unique id each time it opens, I usually use a datetime to give this effect of “additional instance”.