Perspective Popup View - Keyboard Missing on Mobile

I created a popup view which prompts the user to input some data into some text fields/areas as well as a dropdown. The issue is that when I open it up on mobile, when ever I attempt to type anything into any of the fields/areas, the keyboard doesn’t show up so I can’t type anything. I tested it on the desktop version and the popup view works fine there. Has anyone experienced this? Am I missing something for this to work properly?

Yes, just ran into it.

@PGriffith, can you look into this please? It appears popups have some major issues in Perspective.

I know next to nothing about Perspective, but I have seen @cmallonee stress the point that if a popup is even one pixel offscreen, the only interaction you can do to it is drag it back onto the screen.

Thanks Paul. So, @cmallonee, should we abandon popups? I don’t want to get too far in and realize I just wasted time. The popups do have issues thought, not even related to mobile devices. Even on desktops, dropdowns behave poorly, just one example.

This isn’t an example, it’s just a statement. In what way do Dropdowns behave poorly on Desktop?

No, Popups only exhibit issues when used in situations where the user who has designed the View has failed to account for mobile usage. The most common use-cases where we find that users are having Popup issues are where a user is using a static size for a View (Coordinate Container, say 1000px by 1000px), but they then attempt to display that on a mobile device (phones are more likely to encounter an issue than tablets because of their smaller dimensions). The Popup will obviously not fully display on the device, and so they enter the state where the Popup MUST be draggable, lest the close icon be rendered off-screen and therefore be unreachable by the user.

To avoid these situations, you should design around users potentially using your project on a mobile device.

  • Avoid Coordinate Containers for Popups.
  • Don’t hard-code Popup dimensions, because you don’t know the dimensions of devices which will use the Popup.
  • Don’t hard-code (or even use relative placement) of Popups, because - again - you don’t know what sort of devices will encounter that Popup.

You are correct, I was vague. You are limited to scrolling in dropdowns, if you click to cursor up/down it will close the dropdown. The happens on desktop as well.

I called IA and they have replicated the issues and submitted a ticket.

By the way, popups have issues outside of mobile. I expressed those concerns to IA as well. Feel to free to look at the ticket.

What ticket? Without a number to reference I won’t be able to identify which issue you’re referring to.

We’re aware of the scrolling issue with Dropdowns and I believe the fix is already in place for 8.1.0.

You can look it up, I’m going to be the only one with my last name. If you don’t want to look it up then don’t worry about it.

Support and Engineering do not use the same ticketing system. If you contacted support, I am not privy to your personal information (even your name). I only see the Engineering issue to be fixed and MAYBE the Kayako support ticket number if the support rep decided to include it. There is no linkage between our two systems, so when Support creates or updates a ticket based on customer interaction the only way to tie the issues together is through a Kayako ticket number. Without that number, I can’t identify what ticket they opened or updated as part of your interaction.

On my end, all I can do is search by ticket content, which provides a list too large to whittle down based on this conversation.

i have the same problem, any solution to this… i use 8.1