Perspective popup window size

Hi I created faceplate popup in perspective, but it looks like the popup does not follow the screen size.

It works out well in PC or tablet, but when displaying on phone, the popup is wider than the phone width, unless I narrow the faceplate during design, then it won't fit well with PC/tablet mode.

When using popup function to display a window, does it have a setting to change the popup window size to fit the actual screen size?

This is my current popup setting.

Hmm, I wonder should your popup be a breakpoint container?

Or a column container?

Pretty sure you would need to code this yourself.
I would write a function inside a project script library as a wrapper of the system.perspective.openPopup function which would take in self and thus be able to read the page's width/height. Then you can work out what the maximum size should be.

However, I think the hardest part is what to set the size to if the default size will fit in the bounds... without the popup open, you don't* know its size.

*unless you read it from the popup's file JSON... which you can do. Maybe I'm missing something simple here...

@Transistor the issue is not the contents of the popup not resizing, it's the popup bounds themselves do not resize to fit within the bounds of the screen. Of course, the popup should also be responsively designed as well

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Viewport Bound = true should make the popup smaller on small screens.

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I set it to true.

the popup will be cut half display to suit the bound when loaded, not dynamically adjust the flex container items. But If I adjust the popup size manually after the display is loaded, the items within the flex container can then adjust by itself.