Perspective Popup with Dynamic Height/Width

I have a generic view for setting set points, which also shows recent changes to those set points, shown in a popup.

I have a popup when called with particular parameters, allows you to change set points and also shows your recent changes to those setpoints:


However, I can’t manage to make the size dynamic based on the content. Sometimes there may just be two set points, sometimes 5 or 6.

It’s constrained by the max-height css property of the .popup-body's child div. Removing this rule fixes my issue.

If I enable the “resizeable” property of the popup, when it’s resized, that css property is removed but it’s constrained with other rules.

I’ve tried to give the view a max-height style, but it’s overwritten by the calculated one.

So it appears that Perspective popups are of a fixed size, or manually resizeable. I’d like to be able to have them a little more dynamic in size to make them a little more reusable.

I wonder whether Change perspective popup size after it is opened could also benefit from this change? I.e. fixed size, then changing the max-width property to allow it to expand.

Note, I have thought of some other solutions, however, this is designed to be used on mobile, so I’d prefer to keep to a single popup and just adding some more vertical scroll.

If you use for .mobile it is better to call it as dock. And make height dynamic with overflow auto.
Set dock as right side. So if you have a lot of data to display they display vertically and if they fill all available space, user can benefit to scroll it.
The perspective popup can change its size at runtime.
So the only way to do that is close and open popup at the same position with different size.

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