Perspective Popup zIndex

I am having issues from time to time, where a popup goes behind another popup in perspective.
Can i use zIndex or can i request focus for popup in perspective.

Perspective Popup z-index is based on which was most-recently provided focus.
If Popup A is open and you open Popup B, Popup B receives focus on open, so it’ll be on “top”. If you then click Popup A, focus moves from B to A, so now Popup A will be on top. There is now way to request focus for a popup, although you could hijack the focus by closing and immediately re-opening the Popup in question.

# This would close 'PopupA' and then immediately re-open it, providing the illusion of focus.

It kind of works if my popup window PopupA isn’t open it closes the other popup.
if it isn’t open it closes all open popups.
Not what i wanted.

Ah, that’s a side-effect of a bug that was fixed in 8.0.13. I forgot that could be an issue prior to that (upcoming at this point) release. Prior to 8.0.13, there is no way to mimic focusing a popup.