Perspective - Position Absolute - z-Index issue

I’m on 8.1.14

Not sur if i’m OK with want I want to do, I try to put a side panel over an other by using the position absolute, I have a z-indez of 99 for the one that I want over the other and I got a dropdown object that keep over my z-index 99 ???

Panel Left:



Unfortunately, with CSS, position absolute items are given new stacking context

Without knowing the structure of the project and it’s intent, it’s hard to give you an easy answer for solving this.

A couple of suggestions since it looks like a docked view(side panel?). I’d avoid position absolute by:

  1. having multiple docked views on the same side
  2. or having a single embedded view docked and swap the paths for the embedded view

I want to get same result has the left docking.

I have a view with 2 columns, I want that the LeftMenu cover the Page.


Ignitions coordinate containers are already using position absolute.
z-index basicly has no effect on nested containers with positions absolute…
I would avoid using that inside flex containers.

The only place that doesnt use position absolutes is in a canvas. There you have full control of where everything gets placed. But its harder to work with.

You are better of making this left menu a docked view

I want to be able to force hide/show and with the docked view we can’t, only toggle is available and I can’t find how to know his state

If you set display onDemand
you can open/close the dock with system.perspective.openDock(dockId) there is also closeDock and toggleDock

I know but I also want to have an automatic hide/show at breakpoint…

the openDock functin also still works if you set display to auto

I know, but the close unload the docked view and I only want to hide it

you can set the icon to always show?