Perspective Power Chart aggregatemode DurationOn in Hours

Hello everyone, I have a question with the powerchart component that I hope you can help me with.

I have a template developed in perspective with a powerchart and it is linked with a udt, but I want to change the time from seconds to hours in the DurationOn aggregation mode, has anyone done this?


Hello @Jose_Quintero,

Are you trying to change the value's format of the aggregation mode that's displayed on the PowerChart and the PowerChart Pen Control?

I just tested this on my end and I was not able to transform the data's format that's displayed due to PowerChart's limitations. The PowerChart does not give us a dataset or is exposed for us to manipulate.

I would suggest implementing this in a XY Chart where you can do a Tag History binding on the dataSources property. This binding has the option to select aggregation mode as well. To do the conversion from seconds to hours, you can then add a Script Transform.