Perspective: Power Chart Background Color

Ok I have two problems both related to changing the color of a prop. First i love my “Dark Mode” and im looking for the prop/style that will change the background color of the power chart to black? Second I am able to change the color of the label and ticks and vertical line on the y axes prop and have assigned the axis of the pens properly yet i get the label and tick to popup orange in designer but on the session it dont update. I have pushed the edits to the gateway am i missing something?

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Left image is what i see in designer and right is after i update the session on the web browser

I am also extremely interested in an update where the Perspective Power Chart background can be set and work with theming, right now it is one of the very last remaining eye-sores.

The power chart background colour can be changed using Plots>Color property.

Sometimes I set this colour to an eight character hexadecimal value where the last two characters, the alpha transparency, are ‘00’ so that the power chart background colour is transparent and displays the same colour as the view background.

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Can you show an example image of how you would setup the property ? Thank you for responding

This works thank you . Does this hold true for the alarm Status tables aswell ?

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