Perspective Power Chart breakLine Property

I am trying to create a chart that show gaps when the data is bad quality. This seems to work fine in Vision, but I can’t get it to work in Perspective. The breakLine property sounds like it should enable this functionality, but I don’t see a difference when turning this on or off.

Here is an example of a Vision chart:

Same data in a Perspective power chart:

The Vision chart shows gaps when the data is bad. The Perspective chart trends a zero value.

I am currently testing in version 8.1.2-rc1.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Bump. We need this functionality as well. It still doesn’t work as of 8.1.3 release, and there’s no notes about it in the nightlies thus far.

Please, Inductive? :pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left:

There is a breakLine property that is enabled by default per pen. It functions differently than Vision’s Easy Chart, though. It breaks on missing/absent values vs a 0 value like the Easy Chart:


Are you sure the Easy Chart is reacting to zero? Instead of the recorded quality? (I always inject nulls into Vision datasets to deliberately break lines.)

@pturmel is correct. The screenshot in my original post is showing values with bad quality, not good quality zero values. Although it may be sending a zero value to the database? The breakLine property doesn’t seem to do anything.

My fault; thanks guys. Yes, the Vision table is reacting to the quality. On the Perspective side, we are reacting to only the data right now. I’m going to open a feature request to have the Power Chart respond to the quality code that it gets back in the data payload.


Thanks @jball! Is this a bug or is there another purpose for the breakLine property that I’m not seeing? Either way, I’m happy this is getting some attention because I’ve been getting complaints from customers about this.

No prob. On the Power Chart, breakLine only works with the absence of data right now. It just needs parity with how this is handled in Vision.

Ah, this is probably why @pturmel mentioned injecting null values. That makes sense. I was assuming bad quality was synonymous with missing data.

Alongside this discussion, how do we turn off interpolation from Power Chart? We want to be able to see when comms go down or data is missing as well. Power chart interpolates between values so when a comm is down, we end up getting a slowly decreasing line when really it should’ve nulled out. Any updates? Ideas?

You need to set interpolation to “step after” and then set your historical logging to discrete, not analogue.

Something like that