Perspective Power Chart Component - Editing Axis and Pen names

When editing Axis information on the Perspective Power Chart component I am unable to clear the Input field for the Axis Name prior to entering new text. It won't allow deletion of the last remaining character and wont allow selection of multiple characters.

The simple work-around is to add your desired text, then delete the character that could not be deleted earlier.

[Update] the same applies when editing the the Name for a pen.


  • Multicharacter selection (mouse click and drag or cursor or shift+arrows) does not work
    [Update] It appears multi-character selection does work, but the selection is not presented visually on screen by highlighting the selected characters as would be typically expected of a user interface.
  • Character deletion stops working when one character remains, it won't let the user delete all characters

Relates to: Ignition Version 8.1.18 Perspective Power Chart Component

If there is a better/preferred way to submit bug reports let me know.

Taking a look into this development has confirmed this behavior is expected and existed since the Power Chart component was introduced. Those props cannot be left blank/empty as this was implemented to avoid issues with the component.