Perspective Power Chart CSV Stored History Saved Graphs

I'll try my best to explain the situation. Using Perspective and the Power Chart - specifically the Ad Hoc Trend view that I downloaded from the Exchange. Only things I modified were some styles on the view.

This project is storing historical data via 2 sources: 1 is just OPC tags and the other is from CSV data that is being imported via the system.tag.storeTagHistory.

The import of the CSV and storage to history is working well. I can drag/drop those virtual pens onto the Power Chart and everything works as intended. BUT when I save a graph that has those virtual pens and then try to load that graph back into the Power Chart nothing shows up. If I drag/drop one of the same pens onto the chart then I get a message in the console saying:
"[Browser Thread: 59170] INFO Perspective.Designer.Workspace - Unknown file drop."

If I drag/drop a virtual pen that wasn't originally included then it suddenly shows all the pens that were saved.

As I was writing this I decided to drag/drop the same OPC pen twice. Gives me the same message, which looks to be standard behavior. Even used a vanilla Power Chart on a fresh view and same result.

It looks like I have 2 questions: does the Power Chart only allow a single instance of a pen? And any idea why the Load Graph isn't loading the virtual pens? If I save a graph with just OPC pens then it loads just fine.

Thinking it has something to do with the virtual pens not actually existing in the tag browser. When I store them to history I am using the default provider so that they'll show up in the Tag Browse Tree of the Power Chart.

Thanks for any thoughts/feedback! While I wait for any responses I'll be digging into the AdHocTrend view and it's script to load the pens...maybe it wasn't meant to handle virtual pens.

A bit more info:

I created 3 saved graphs. 1st one is just OPC pens with a realtime date setting. 2nd one is just OPC pens with a historical range setting. 3rd is the virtual pens with a range setting.

Load the 1st group - pens show up.
Then load the 2nd group - pens show up.
Then load the 3rd group - pens show up.

IF I load the 3rd group immediately after the 1st group then no pens. So something with the config being set for historical isn't working when loading the virtual pens, an OPC saved graph with the historical setting has to be loaded first then loading any virtual groups will show up properly.


More info:

After a bit more testing the rangeSelectorPen isn't being properly loaded/updated. For some reason it holds onto the previous value UNLESS the previous loaded graph was set to Historical.

Starting to think it's malformed data being saved to the table....just weird that it will work with a specific process.

I cleared out the saved graphs from the table and will start over.