Perspective Power Chart - deselect all pens at once

When viewing the Power chart in a session, is there a way to de-select/re-select all pens at once from the pen control or settings menu’s? I have around 40-50 pens on one chart so that the client can quickly look for outliers within the monitored values, but they would also like to be able to isolate 1 or 2 at a time when necessary.

Unfortunately they are currently having to manually deselect all of the other pens first, which is…er…not ideal.

I know I could do it by including a separate button and a script on the same page, but it would be a major hassle due to the way we are building the trend input data source paths dynamically via another script, and it seems like it should be something available from with the session. So im hoping there is a simple solution?

best regards

Probably should be something that is available from the component, unfortunately, it just isn’t there yet.

The simplest option is to use a script on a separate button (or other selection type component), to loop through the pen object array and toggle the enabled prop.

I’m not sure how that becomes more of a hassle due to the way you are building the pens, though.