Perspective Power Chart: Graphs Config Management in DB/ Tags display in browse tag

Hi All,

In Perspective, Power Chart, it needs to create a specific graphs base on tags selection, which is ok. Moreover, the idea is, these graphs should be saved/ stored for further recalls/
retrieve. I have seen that there is into the Ignition Exchange an Ad Hoc Trends that helps in this functionality (save configuration - Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation).
I assume whether there are large number of configured trends-graphs, these can be saved into a data base to storage them, and in some way to manage them for further recalls. I think that it can be feasible, right? Whether somebody has already some experience on this, it would be appreciated.

Nevertheless, there is a key point while the graph configuration is taken, in the tag browser (Browse Tag), only should appear specifics tags which pertain to the user/ role that is intending to configure/select tags. I am not sure whether the list of tags can be shown based on roles/ users, or specific conditions, for instance whether the user pertains to specific department, area, etc. Therefore, users only can see/ configure tags that are related to them only. Therefore, any input on this will be appreciated as well.

I hope that I have explained clear enough, fi this is not the case, please let me know.


Yes, it is possible to save and load Graph configs to/from a DB.

To the best of my knowledge there is no way to filter the Power Chart components Tag Browse tree, aside from the start path.

It is however possible to hide the provided Browse Tree, and then use a separate Tree Component to attain this functionality.

I didn't go searching, but I would have to believe there is already a feature request in place for better filtering on this component.

Hi Irose,

Many thanks for your inputs.

Nevertheless, I am struggling to find something similar to the filtering approach. When you are suggesting to use a separate Tree Component, are you thinking on 1) plain Tree component or 2) Tag Browser Tree Component in order to display selected Tags from the tag provider.

I wonder you could help me to find an example of this. Keep in mind that the requirement involves that all the tags should be shown, except which are not related to the user’s department. However there is an extra requirement that I need to deal with, it seems that all tags are assigned to departments (where tags are assigned to a different departments, this relationship is not one to one: tag-department). The idea is that each user can create/manage their own charts base on the selection of their tags that are shown in the tree.

I assume that once the right component is used, tags should be appended to the Power Chart, right?.

Again. Many thanks for your help.

Either can be made to work, but I was specifically meaning the Tag Browse Tree Component in this case.

The component has an extension function, which when enabled is called for each Tag under the given self.props.root.path. Returning false from this function will cause the node (yes that includes folders and UDTs) to be hidden from the tree.

A simple example can be found in the manual.

It is not clear to me, how a tag is indicated to be in a department, so I can't really build you any kind of working example. Once you have filtered the Tree as needed, you will need to create a mechanism for selecting and adding tags to the chart component. That isn't too difficult really. You just need to build a pen object and add it to the chartComponent.props.pens Array.

Hi Irose, I really appreciate yours insights, these are helpful. Regarding showing/ hidings tags/ nodes by an external property (department) in tag browser, it seems that there is not direct property that might help on this. Nevertheless, I assuming that this can be approached by 1) A pre-work that will find tags/ node based on combination of tags selection & DB queries that discriminate users-departments- tags 2) selected tags can be shown by a table or drop down box 3) append tags to Power Chart. This means that this approach escapes from Tag Browser selection. Thus, please would mind to help me how to build the mechanism to append pens to the power chart. Do you have any example on this that might help me?
Many thanks.