Perspective Power Chart Load Graph

Is there currently a way in perspective without custom scripting or any plans to make a “load graph” feature similar to vision’s graph. my client has found this very useful to be able to save configurations and then load them in when he wants to see specific things without me having to create custom popup graphs every so often that he can open

You could try this resource our sales engineering team came up with.

Anything i need to be aware of? Nothing populates from the zip when i try to import. i tried on v8.1.14 and v8.1.1 (what it said it was compatible with) and no luck with anything in the import tool list with the zip that came from the website.

I have use this resource.
you need to make a first manual unzip and then you will have a zip in the folder that you can import in ignition.

It was like that in 8.1.12 for many of the exchange resource (Even mine)


You get a better experience if you import the downloaded package via the web interface:

that was the issue, thank you so much!