Perspective Power Chart - "More" Popup Menu is Blank

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing an issue on the power charts in a Perspective project I am working on.
The “More” popup menu in the top right corner of the chart only shows a blank square when it is clicked.
This problem is happening on all of the charts I have in this project.
When I click on this square, it does work, and downloads a CSV export like it is supposed to. But does not display anything.


What would be the cause of this, and is there a way to get this fixed up and showing the text (or icon) like it should be?

The gateway is on version 8.1.17.
Thanks in advance.

The “More” button should be providing options to Export or Download the displayed data, and in scenarios where x-traces or range brushes are applied, you should be able to clear those applied features. If you examine the Developer Console, do you see any errors/exceptions being logged? Which browser is this in? Do you have custom theming applied?

If you’re familiar with using the browser’s developer tools, do you notice anything odd while inspecting the area which should contain the aforementioned options?

Bumping because this same issue has come up on another project.

The code is all there. I am able to clearly see the Export and Print buttons in the HTML. Interestingly, when I manually modify the parent element's HTML to add "color:#000000" to its style, the text of the button becomes visible black.

Refreshing to clear that, it appears the CSS class "ia_componentModal" from a few divs up is what gives it that colour, specifically "var(--containerRoot)", which leads to "--neutral-10" (#FAFAFA). Inspecting it in MS Paint confirms the whole box including background is indeed that colour.

I tried forcing font colour on the chart style but that did nothing.

No JS errors relating to the chart in the logs.

I just verified in 8.1.17 and 8.1.22 that the items in the Popup should be receiving their color from the rule for .ia_powerChartComponent__chartOptionBar__popupMenu.

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 10.44.32 AM

If you're not seeing this rule in the Developer's Tools, then either your theme files have become out-of-date somehow, or you have a custom rule in place overriding this. Without a screenshot of the Styles panel for the items in question I won't be able to help much further.