Perspective Power Chart: pen selected event

Hi all,
I cannot find a way to catch the event, when a pen in a Power Chart has been selected by the operator. I'd like to react to that event to show/hide the axes grids as needed - I have many different pens on my Power Chart with up to 10 different axes: if I show all grids at the same time, the operator understands nothing more.

Thanks in advance, regards

If by selected, you mean this:

Then you could add a property change script to the pens prop. This will fire anytime any change has been made to the pens (including one being selected). You could write a script that checks if the visible property has been changed on a pen and adjust the axes accordingly. Alternatively (if the operator is not allowed to add/remove pens), you could add a property change script to each visible property separately.

If by selected, you mean clicking the plot itself to "highlight" the pen… I'm not sure if there's any way to know that it happened.

Thanks Mr Snyder What I would like to do is just what you wrote last.