Perspective Power Chart - Point Count Not Averaging Over Timespan


I have run into a problem where the power chart does not average out the points for tags over a larger timespan and produces a dataset below:

once we actually zoom into with the panning tool the data comes good. i.e if we zoom into the data to the right where above there is straight lines we get the below.

I have played around with the point count and it doesn’t seem to respond to anything. (Currently at 3000).

Any thoughts on how to solve this?

Hi Andrew,

Have you already tried setting config.pointCount to -1? The documentation states that it will allow you to view all data points “As Stored” without limit.


We did look at doing that but if we look at datasets over say 7 days that would have an unreal amount of data and boggs down pretty quickly.

Shouldnt the point count take a point equally along the whole timeframe?


That could depend on the aggregation mode being used, the amount of difference in value changes, and the consistency of intervals between timestamps for your logged data points.

It might be best to call support so that someone can take a closer look at your configuration and stored data.