Perspective Power Chart - Predefine Pens

Hi All,
I’ve noticed the Power Chart allows bindings to the Pen Source object, but the documentation does not give much detail on what is expected here, other than a value or string.

Can anyone shed any light on how to use this? Should it be the path to the tag as that doesn’t seem to work?

The format for pens’ data source property is the same as documented in the config.tagBrowserStartPath property, i.e.


This didn’t help me at all, as this format is confusing to try and handcraft when you don’t know the db driver offhand. What I did instead was use the tag browser portion of the power chart component to add a pen and observe the format for my gateway setup. If you leave the props.config.tagBrowserStartPath blank, open the tag browser, and wait a bit for it to populate, you should be able to see all of your tag providers and poke around for a tag you can add. From that, you can see the format you need from props.pens[0].data.source property, and you can hopefully figure out how to modify it however you need from there.

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