Perspective Power Chart - Transaction Group Data

Hi All,

I am using version 8.1.7.

First thing is, I have to create extra tag history provider as shown in the image, so that I can see DB table list under browser tags of powerChart in perspective.

I want to hide the ndx, t_stamp columns from table folder list under Browser tags

can you please let me know how to hide these ? any filtering option etc.,

Thank in advance for help!

As far as I know there is no filtering option available for the power chart component. About the best you can get is to dynamically change the start path.

Hi Irose,

Thanks for your reply,
Can you please let me know what is " dynamically change the start path." means?

In the Power Chart config props there is a property for the Start Path.

This sets the path where the tag browse will begin browsing.

You could for instance create a custom property and configure a change event on it which when a filter is entered would run a script to modify the start path property there by “filtering” the options available.

I don’t believe this will achieve what you are wanting to do, as in your example you are wanting to remove the equivalent of tags, the start path would only allow filtering to the folder (table names in your case).

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Thanks Irose for the explanation.

I have already set some filter at “tagBrowserStartPath” to get tables data only from particular data base, But yes there is no filter option to hide the ndx, and t_stamp columns.