Perspective Power Chart with Remote Provider

Is there a way to access remote tag providers history with the Perspective power chart if the history access is set to Gateway Network?

I think I have the same question. Let me add information.
What if the tags are coming from the other gateway by gateway network, and it has no data in this database? How can I access the historicaldata in the remote gateway?
I have access in the Vision module but I don’t have access in perspective.


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I had the same question 5 min ago. Looks like you have to specify the provider in the config for the chart.

see the manual.

This should help.

[Perspective - Power Chart - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation]

tagBrowserStartPath A path to a nested Tag History provider structure from which browsing will start. The path is expected to contain key-value pairs separated by “:/” characters. Example:

histprov:Sample_SQLite_Database: / drv:My_Gateway:My_Tag_Provider: / tag:My_Folder / Another_Folder

  • histprov - The name of the Tag Historian Provider
  • drv - The historian driver, which is typically a combination of a gateway name and tag provider name separated by a colon. Example: gateway:tagProvider
  • tag - A path to a node that has children. Typically should lead to either a folder or the root node of a UDT instance. If omitted, then the path will lead to the root of the drv,

While providing a path to this property, the tag component can be omitted, which will set the starting path for the Tag Browser panel to the root of a particular driver. For example:

histprov:Sample_SQLite_Database: / drv:My_Gateway:My_Tag_Provider: /

Should the hisprov parameter be the name of the historical provider in the remote gateway? I still can’t seem to get any results in the tag browser.

I am using:
tagBrowserStartPath = histprov:MySql_local: / drv:Summerset:MainProvider: /

where hisprov is the name of the historical provider configured at the remote gateway.

Pretty sure it would be the name of the remote history provider you would setup in your GW. Also remember you would need Tag history modules in both GW to work from what I know.

I think you answered my question in your first sentence. I don’t have a remote history provider I only have a remote tag provider. I am trying to access the history that those remote tags are storing at the remote gateway.