Perspective power chart works fine but how to display tabulated data

Hi All
I am trying to do something rather simple but struggling probably because its weekend :slight_smile:
I have power chart working fine but on different view i would like to display tabulated data using multiple tag selection. My problems when configuring the tabulated view:

  1. Power chart tag selection displays only historian enabled tags but i cannot use it in the view with tabulated display as there is no way to hide the charting area of the power chart and then feed selection to the table so i am using tag browse object instead. This object displays all tags including the tags for which no historian was enabled which is not ideal for me but dont know any workaround.
  2. Is there a way to write to table component data property historic tag path (ideally multiple tag path selection at once)?
  3. In general is there more simple way to display tabulated data ? - in vision i could select the tag and drag it to the table and then using chart range component to control start and end time of the displayed tabulated data?

When I've needed to do similiar, you can use the tag browse tree. You can configure in the component scripts to sort these tags to remove ones without any historical settings. Put this selection list into some kind of custom parameter and then use that in a historical binding on a table.
You should be able to put bindings in to select start and end time for your historical binding. But you'll need to do some formatting as the tag list needs to come with their Alias and aggregation settings.

Like the below:

    "aggregate": "Minimum",
    "alias": "U31",
    "path": "[default]main/PowerMeter/U31"
    "aggregate": "Minimum",
    "alias": "U12",
    "path": "[default]main/PowerMeter/U12"
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i will try it out later today - thank you for these valuable pointers