Perspective power chart

I have a power chart with historical data (tags) and I would like to add a static plot, eg. a target or threshold to the chart.

How should I add this value to the chart?

Within the Chart Settings, under Plots, you can edit a plot to add a marker.


Editing the respective plot will bring up this screen, where you can click “Add Marker”

Clicking “Add Marker” will allow you to plot a static target/threshold on to the respective plot you are editing.

You can select between a “band” type and a “line” type, specify the marker color, width, dash spacing, opacity, etc. You can even add a label.

If you are planning on having this dynamically generated, you can look at the component properties to copy the structure and try your hand at auto-generating that structure and assigning to a PowerChart component.

Hope this helps.

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