Perspective Powerchart

I've got quite alot instances of my UDT's with logging on many of the variables, and my technical operators are to be allowed to use a powerchart to drag whatever values they want to monitor at the same time onto the chart, prefferably using the built-in browser feature.

However, I would like that my Boolean tags be shown with the curveStep interpolation, and my Float/int values with another.
Whenever a new value is dragged onto the chart, I only get the default "curveLinear" and the operators would have to edit the value to show the correct curve.

I would also like the Pen name, to more accuratly reflect the UDT instance, not just the tag name.
For instance the Pen name when dragged to the chart would be just "value_pv", I would like it to be "A2 - Oxygen PV".

But how would I go about finding out which data type a tag is from the information available in the "pens" list, and edit it after it has been dragged onto the screen? I'm thinking a change script on the "pens" list , but unsure on what would be the approach from there
Any tips?.