Perspective Progressive Tag Tree

I had a few people reach out and ask me about the Perspective tag browse tree I setup to recursively build with getConfiguration, and ask about a way to progressively build the tree as the user digs into it, to decrease loading time for large tag quantity systems. So I went ahead and built a version for that too!

I actually put this one on the exchange, but wanted to make sure it still works with @mraybourn’s Ad-hoc Trends page, so I made sure that this one is drop-in to that view and provides instructions for how to do so.

Its pretty thoroughly tested, but if you find any issues feel free to let me know here! As I am not sure its possible directly within the exchange yet?


Edit: If anyone is interested in the details of how it works, I can explain as well, just let me know and I will try to write it up as best as possible.


Thanks for sharing.
That will be greate to have a help file on that.

Do you mean like a file that explains it in better details? I can probably write one of those up if you think it would be useful to others.

The progressive tag tree is really cool and very similar to something we built. Also suffered from slow loading when tag count got big.

One thing that I still want to build, but don’t know how, is a searchable tree view. It would be great to have a text field where you can enter a term and then filter the tags, say for anything matching %xyz%.

The problem is that you don’t know how deep in the tagpath the search term will appear. Do you need to browse recursively through the entire provider to match all the possible tags? How can you reject a chain early?

If anyone has an idea, I can try to build a solution

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You could use getConfiguration with recursion to get everything in one shot and then search through it with the keyword provided by the text field. Then just dig through each directory and return anything that matches? May not be the most optimal but at first thought I would think it’s the easiest way to do it