Perspective project behave different on laptop and tablet

Hi All,

Thanks for your time in advance. I am building a perspective project at the moment by going through the demo projects. However,i have encountered a rather strange behavior. The project i am building at the moment is based on version 8.0.16.

The project behaves as expected if a use a browser (chrome or new edge) from a different computer over the local network or launch a perspective session from the development environment. I tried to change the size of the browser or emulate different device resolution within the browser, all works. However, if i open the project from an Ipad Pro 11 (iOS 14) or iPhone 11 (either using application or browser), the following problems are observed:

  1. I see some of my custom images disappeared (if i refresh, random parts appears. The appeared parts does not seems to be scaled either).
  2. The style i have applied no longer works as well, it seems the gateway server does not have those new styles.

Can anyone let me know what would be the cause of this scenario? Thanks


Having this same issue. Has this been resolved?

Unfortunately not. I have moved away from using those. Would be keen to see a solution

ios browsers behave different than chrome.
That is not in the hands of ignition and a hell to work with…
Tho for most things there are work arounds. You will have to google the styles you used on those componets together with the browser you are using and hope it results in a solution, which will look like something with “-webkit-” for ios (safari).

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What browser are you using to test on the desktop?

This is the answer Ignition support gave me. Webkit was changing the opacity value from 1 to a lower value to make certain elements dark, which was not expected from what I had seen on my laptop’s browser. The browser is applying this opacity value through non-standard CSS means so it is out of the control of Ignition.

I had been using Chrome and Edge to test on desktop.

yeah i knew it had to do something with that… Apple always trying to be special xd (sorry no offence but im not a fan of apple xD they are always making development annoying)

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