Perspective Project Idea, maybe a module idea for Ignition

Does Ignition have a instant messaging module or something of the sort?

I have been asked to develop something like that for our production floor so operators can communicate to the supervisors without leaving their machines.

I have a live chat room in my application. It’s not too hard to setup manually.

The most difficult part is the database design (assuming you want to save these chats). Even if you don’t want to save chats, I think its much easier to use a db and SQL queries here than parsing client messages to other client messages but that’s personal preference.

The way I have it setup is a few different tables

  1. a table that keeps track of each chatroom ie chatroom 1, 2, a, b etc
  2. a table that keeps track of messages from the users and what chatroom they are associated with which has a parentChatroomId type of column that references table one. This should also have a timestamp column so you can view the messages in order based on time sent.
  3. a table that keeps track of what users are associated with what chatrooms (which also has a column for alerts - ie the user should check out because there’s new messages)

So when a new chat instance between 2 or more people is initiated - that goes into table 1.
Then any new message to that chat from a user goes to message 2.
When you insert to table 2 that is your chance to update table 3 to let the other users know there’s a new message.

Table 3 isn’t necessary for this to work but I think in most situations you do want to know who is included in a specific chat and the ability to alert people is nice.

Then all you need to do is put table 2 into a table with relatively quick polling. You could also use a message handler if it needs to be as fast as possible to update everyone’s chat, but you can also set polling to like 2-5 seconds and that is sufficient for my purposes at least.

Really all you need is table 1 and 2 to just get it off the ground but table 3 will let you offer functionality that I think most people expect at this point from a chat program.

I can’t personally attest to how it works, but there’s an existing Exchange resource created by our sales engineering team for this.


I downloaded the .zip and imported it, but it doesnt contain a perspective view as the description says.

I have done each way listed, still no dice. Will it only work on 8.0.5 or later versions as well?

Nevermind it showed up after i reopened the launcher. sorry

try to unzip first and import the integrate zip file.
I've got the same issue on the last resource I've download