Perspective project not appearing?

I have a Ignition 8.0.6 gateway running on a VM on a local network. I can see it from downloading the designer -

but on the gateway I see nothing when I look at my perspective projects -

And when I download the Ignition Perpsective app on my phone, I can find the gateway, but again I do not see the project.

Any idea what is going on? Is this a project property that handles this behavior or something?

Is the project marked as inheritable (it shouldn’t be)? In the Project Properties - > Perspective → General, does it have ‘Hide From Launch Page And Apps’ checked (it’s unchecked by default)? Do you have any actual views in the project? Are you sure your browser is pointed to the same gateway as your designer (it’s certainly happened to me :slight_smile: )?

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Yup it was the Hide From Launch Page And Apps. Either me or a coworker must have checked it accidentally but neither is fessing up to the crime.