Perspective project not found on gateway restart

When I restart the gateway, all the Perspective sessions display a project not found. I then need to go press F5 in every display.

Not that I plan to oft restart the gateway, but is it possible to either change this so the Perspective sessions display connection lost, or the screen that display project not found to resume when the gateway is back up.

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You may need to setup redundant gateways to accomplish this.

I don’t care that the project is down for 5 minutes, but I would like it to resume, if I crash the gateway by killing the process or whatever, the perspective sessions resume, but not if I restart it gracefully with gwcmd.

We’re also in the same boat as @calimero100582. Exactly the same functionality as Vision. When a gateway comes back online, the browser client should reconnect automatically. The browser should be able to check that connection even if the socket goes down.

I don’t know exactly the difference between Windows service restart and gwcmd -r , but using restart on the service do the trick for now